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3 more weeks (Global Pandemic.)

3 more weeks. 3 more weeks of finding ways to entertain the children. 3 more weeks of feeling like your living in Groundhog Day. 3 more weeks of missing your extended family and FaceTiming those you know.

3 weeks of a daily walk being the only change of scenery your family gets. 3 more weeks of trying your best to avoid the virus.

3 weeks more of thinking of different meals to cook, or lunches to make. 3 weeks of reading books, or taking up daily activities to pass the time. 3 more weeks of clock watching. 3 more weeks of trying to turn the garden into the costa del sol just for some light relief.

3 more weeks explaining to the children why the virus isn’t gone yet. 3 weeks of worrying about your parents or grandparents and praying the virus doesn’t reach them. 3 more weeks that the outside isn’t open. 3 more weeks of saving lives and losing lives and wearing PPE until your body bleeds.

3 more weeks of delivering to peoples doors at distance, or sitting at a checkout scared someone will cough in your face.

3 weeks but it could be 365 or more days of adjusted living. What a whirlwind this past month has been and hasn’t it felt like a year?

Potentially 3 more weeks of trying to keep this nation safe and for that, we must be thankful.

However long this may go on for, and let’s face it it could be 3 more years let alone the prediction of 3 more weeks, we must remember that 3 more weeks of being alive for those you love is worth all the 3 more weeks in the world.

3 more weeks to make this time count, what will you do with yours?

Stay home. Stay safe. Protect us all.

Day 37 virus pandemic | Day 24 Uk lockdown | Day 32 at home.

Image taken in a mummy and me photo session before lockdown.

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