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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I’ve been photographing people and events for over 15 years now, but if you look at my experience as a trading photographer it’s just under 2. The point at which I decided it was time to turn my passion into a vocation was just last year. People say, ‘it just fits’ for me to do this, and I’m starting to agree.

With a love like this one, it starts with a need, I was always the friend at the wedding bugging the official photographer by becoming their second shooter even though they were quite alright, doing their job, thank you very much. I could always be found taking those candid, hidden shots of my friends big day after or sometimes before the shooter, because I wasn’t able to miss a good camera opportunity, it was in my soul to capture all the moments to treasure, forever.

All I see are photo opportunities wherever I walk. The photos captured in my traveling days are in the thousands. My camera was basically an extension of my arm.

I have always been the friend at the party, taking pics of our birthday nights out, that friend snapping holiday pics of you dressed as a muppet on your hen do or catching you dancing with that stag in the night club.

When friends had new babies or kids parties, my camera would be out.

At family do’s I would grab all the little moments to cherish, I’m grateful for the thousands of pics I’ve taken and stored on precious memory sticks and even disc from back in the day, as one day I’ll share them with my own little family and in the future, the memories will be theirs to treasure.

You see, it’s not whether you are a trained professional photographer or whether it’s just in your bones to become one, you have to

“fake it till you make it”

the wisest words ever shared with me.

After all, everybody has to start somewhere and I started way back when with a disposable camera, one of the first phones with a camera in or an old skool SLR bought on eBay for £50 - but the results, in my own style, my way of looking at and capturing the world - are priceless and original because its my creative vision, and creativity can’t be taught.

20 years after I decided not to specialise in photography at art college, in fear of getting ‘a proper job’, and specialising in graphic design instead, life has bought me full circle.

Be confident, point that camera because you want to and you have as much right as anybody else to be here.



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