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Kids headshots - How to.

Every child model, actor or actress needs a good representative head shot.

The ideal setting would be on clear uncluttered backgrounds where possible. Sporting plain, basic clothing, avoiding distractions from loud prints or garish colours. Try to imagine how the casting director will view the images, the images must also be a good representation of the child as they are now, their personality's and their looks. After all they will be cast based on these and the images will go with them to castings.

As a mother of a toddler model babe I do not necessarily believe that professional photos are always a must for children but what I do know is that a strong representative image is. So if you have a great camera phone then yes, this may just be enough to get a good image of your child. Just make sure to follow the above tips of having a clean background and no distracting clothing. Also always aim to be working with a happy, fed, rested child and you too can also get the results you want. If they fight you on it, stop and try again another day. Try to avoid putting the fear of the camera into them or you'll never get the images you want today or any other day!

Its also good to practise with your child in front of the camera regularly and to encourage holding conversations in similar situations to castings or with adults, as almost always they will they be expected to respond when spoken to or sit in a room full of people they don't know in casting or modelling situations.

I happen to have a very confident 3 year old, and even he struggles at times, jumping down a shy hole when in front of others, but what he is, is a poser, a performer and he always gets those natural but photogenic camera shots and that is priceless!

As a photographer, you need patience and charm to capture children for their professional head shots but you shouldn't forget to have fun with them too, as always with children, if you get down to their level and get them on board, the results will speak for themselves.

After your child is signed with a model agency then they will usually ask that they get professional head shots taken, in our case this was done before he was signed.

These usually need updating every 6 - 12 months too as children change so often so be prepared to repeat the process regularly.

Here are some examples of great head shots. Obviously try not to crop part of the face out if you can, I just through the bottom right one in because it is a beautiful shot, regardless!


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