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What to wear for your Christmas mini photo session!

Updated: Oct 27

Indoors or outdoors simple outfits are best - ideally one that’s well fitting and comfortable. You don’t want to be constantly adjusting your clothing during your session. Comfort is the most important thing!

This year my Christmas sets will involve festive reds, greens and browns. The usual traditional shades with woods, berries, pine, rocking horses and eucalyptus thrown in for authenticity.

So wearing festive colours will be perfect - think reds, maroon, greys, white, green, denim, cottons or corduroy: warm colours and woolies! Please avoid black. Kids could even wear festive Christmas jumpers or hats too. The more authentic the better.

If you would like a more formal photo then you could choose to dress your child in their Christmas or “Sunday best” outfits.

If siblings are attending the shoot together, they could be dressed in similar styles to each other. If one is casual so should the other be, both should compliment one another. The same goes for families, it is often nice to wear complimentary colours or shades to each other.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor photoshoot winter woolies, festive socks, hats or smart shoes look fantastic at Christmas, but anything goes!

Even throwing on your traditional Christmas pyjamas are some of my favourites for Christmas photos. However for the outdoors forest sessions, please do wrap up in the appropriate layers I would also consider boots or wellies!

Christmas shoots are allowed to be a little whimsical and fun after all, so there are no rules. Don’t be concerned that your trying too hard. You can’t try too hard! Christmas is about all the fun and all the festive cheer.

Most importantly, choose an outfit that you like and for your child, one that they will be comfortable in, as ultimately we want them relaxed during their session and able to enjoy it!

If you do have any further questions around what to wear for your shoot please contact me at lucyelizwarner@gmail.com

Lucy x

*Images taken during the lucyewarner photography 2019 Christmas shoots.

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